Starcraft 2 cd key, I think as a player of starcraft II, we all are familiar with the phrase. But, I am wondering that how many players of starcraft II know about the story of the game clearly besides starcraft 2 cd key? There are not so many, I think. As a result, I just want to mention about the story of starcraft II here so that more players of starcraft II can know the story clearly.
As I know, the name of the story is I, MENGSK. It is the latest one story of starcraft. The story is about the three generations of emperor Mengsk’s struggling, enduring and fighting. It also describes the demerits of their characteristics.
I, MENGSK is an epic. The story span is big and it includes the whole time framework of Starcraft II, from the rebellion of Korhal, it includes Dominion-UED, The Guild Wars, the formation of the son of Koahal, the downfall of the federal government and some other important issues. Jim Raynor had mentioned only once in the book and Sarah Kerrigan did not appear in the book, it is only a story of Mengsk. The book tells how Arcturus grows to be an ego emperor from a clever boy and how Mengsks master the Milky Way for about 10 years. The story is very funny.
 The story also mentions about some other issues and tasks. For example, Chuck Horner, maybe he is Matt’s father: a reporter; Jake Ramsey did not appear in the book: and many important tasks in Starcraft II,such as: Ailin Pasteur. In the book, the story imitated a scene in “Firstborn” for the dialogue between Juliana and Valerian.
I advise you to read the story carefully and I think the story is really very interesting. As a fan of Starcraft II, only know starcraft 2 key cd is not enough. You had better more about it.

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