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Story about three generations of emper

Starcraft 2 cd key, I think as a player of starcraft II, we all are familiar with the phrase. But, I am wondering that how many players of starcraft II know about the story of the game clearly besides starcraft 2 cd key? There are not so many, I think. As a result, I just want to mention about the story of starcraft II here so that more players of starcraft II can know the story clearly.
As I know, the name of the story is I, MENGSK. It is the latest one story of starcraft. The story is about the three generations of emperor Mengsk’s struggling, enduring and fighting. It also describes the demerits of their characteristics.
I, MENGSK is an epic. The story span is big and it includes the whole time framework of Starcraft II, from the rebellion of Korhal, it includes Dominion-UED, The Guild Wars, the formation of the son of Koahal, the downfall of the federal government and some other important issues. Jim Raynor had mentioned only once in the book and Sarah Kerrigan did not appear in the book, it is only a story of Mengsk. The book tells how Arcturus grows to be an ego emperor from a clever boy and how Mengsks master the Milky Way for about 10 years. The story is very funny.
 The story also mentions about some other issues and tasks. For example, Chuck Horner, maybe he is Matt’s father: a reporter; Jake Ramsey did not appear in the book: and many important tasks in Starcraft II,such as: Ailin Pasteur. In the book, the story imitated a scene in “Firstborn” for the dialogue between Juliana and Valerian.
I advise you to read the story carefully and I think the story is really very interesting. As a fan of Starcraft II, only know starcraft 2 key cd is not enough. You had better more about it.

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Devil's Gold ---- philosophical prose

In a room is broken, there is a poor Rufus, he was so poor that there is no bed, only lying on a bench. Rufus said to himself: "I really want to get rich Yeah, if I made money, I would be a generous man ... ..." At this time, Rufus side there is a devil. Devil said: "I can make you rich, I will give you a magic wallet."

Devil said: "This purse will always have a rappelz rupees, always take finish. But you should note that when you think enough, they should throw away bags, then we can start spending money." the devil had finished speaking disappeared, Rufus found around really have a purse, containing a rappelz rupees. Rufus out the piece of rappelz rupees, which there has been a. Rufus continued to get out of rappelz rupees, has been picked for a whole night, he already had a lot of rappelz rupees. Rufus thought: I've had the money a lifetime.

The next day. Rufus hungry, wanted to buy bread. But the money before he must throw away the bags, so they went to the river carrying a purse. But he could not bear to throw to the river, then back again. Rufus began to take money out from the purse. Purse every time he wants to throw away before paying the money always felt not enough.

The days passed. Rufus can buy food, buy a house, buy the most luxurious ca, but he said to himself: "No amount of money, or so some of it!" Rufus drink or work with, rappelz gold is almost filled the building. He became thin and weak, and his face as yellow as wax. Rufus said weakly: "I can not throw away the purse, I want a steady stream of rappelz gold ... ...." Rufus seems to have weakly, but he started shaking out buy rappelz rupees. Finally died in his bench.

【contentment 】  Tips is the most rare quality, never-ending greed will destroy us all hope. Greed is the devil, desire is always there, and we enjoy the pleasures of opportunity does not always have, we can not always enjoy a good time there. Throw bags it, you have enough ...

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What to play this summer? Selected the most should try the 2010 game 5

The summer of 2010 for a gamer, I will have some busy. There are many games this summer, we should look forward and try. Of course I must mention StarCraft 2 at last started. There are also some very good games, whether single or online games, will this summer into their routine. Hand, not every want a StarCraft game that has 12 years of history, or, as World of Warcraft as we wait for 10 years. If SC2 is not your dish, then you really come with a. View from the action online games to survive the first class stand-alone game, this summer you can also play a lot, tutu to bring you a deadline by the end of September a series of games comes up, someone in a hope that they catch your attention, and so do not waste your summer.

1, the terrorist category AVG amnesia: "Dark Descent (Amnesia: The Dark Descent)"

Frictional Games following the "penumbra" series of horror after another new work, the game players will play a man named Daniel, in the wake of a terror castle, alone, has no recollection of what happened. But maybe you are not alone, because screaming, Growl and other scary sounds constantly echoed in the dark hall. In order to escape the castle, you need the courage to take risks, but soon you will find "You also have to bear the memory of Daniel disturbed. Fear not only from the outside, it comes from within you. Time to explore the dark corners of human travel in the waiting you. that will be available in September 8th, visit PC and Mac platforms.
Dark Descent
Dark Descent

2, Grand Theft Auto class "comprehensive Wanted (APB: All Points Bulletin)"

APB is perhaps the most attention this summer, PC games, wanted a comprehensive research and development began as early as 2005, after five long years of development, ultimately landing in North America.

From the known as "Grand Theft Auto" father of Davy Jones (David Jones) involved in the production, Realtime World company develops, EA agency issued online game GTA style "full arrest" (APB: All Points Bulletin) on time on June 29 in North America to start operations, the player will become the embodiment of a member of this city, to play the lawless criminals or the police to maintain stability and justice. In many people do not seem to understand the game, "APB" is a third-person shooter gaming. As the game possess an open urban environment, the player can become a criminal, killing innocent NPC, the game's development director previously worked on Grand Theft Auto series of games, this online game has been high-profile players have been like to compare these two games, I want to say here is that this is absolutely not the same as two of the game!
Full Wanted
Full Wanted

3, FPS "armed attack 2: arrow Operations (ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead)"

If you like "Call of Duty 2: Modern Combat" or "Battlefield: Treason company 2" this shooting game you are too anxious, then "armed attack 2: arrow action" will suit you, the authenticity of the game strong, basic similarity with the reality

Bohemia Interactive (Bohemia Studios)'s the PC game "armed attack 2: arrow action" independent expansion pack has been released in June 29. Continuation of the original game was the game story three years after the site or in Tajikistan, the battle takes place in cities and mountains and other places, players can use new unmanned aircraft and air strikes.

"Armed attack 2: arrow action" game set in the original Chernarus three years after the conflict, the U.S. military was sent to Central Asia Takistan voted to restore peace and prevent a humanitarian disaster.

Information in this film, the original lush vegetation that would be rare, replaced by a mountainous landscape in Yate there. Players can play in all branches of the military U.S. Army, from the general infantry to Special Forces, from the pilots to the tank crew, all of which are outstanding from the bohemian studio that military simulation product line.

4, stand-alone real-time strategy category, "Sid Meier's Civilization 5 (Sid Meier's Civilization V)"

Civilization civilization called Sid Meier's Civilization Why? Sid Meier sort of person, this person you must know. The United States called him: Sid. Mel is the game design industry Nolan. Ryan (Nolan Ryan, American baseball star). He is the Michael Jordan game design industry. Needless to say, Meyer's success to see if he knew the game prepared - "Civilization" series, "Gettysburg", "Centaur," and "Railroad Tycoon", this game was born in 1990 so far Many people still think that is a real-time strategy game is a real element of the motherland. In addition to game development attainments, he has achieved success in business is evident, MicroProse and Firaxis has two industry leading companies that he created all.

Allegedly intended to be the beginning of civilization and the birth of real-time games. Sid Meier was inspired by the SimCity series, players want to witness their own view of God miracle of civilization flourish - in itself a king overlooking the multitudes undoubtedly fascinating. But in the end, for various reasons could not achieve this goal, the civilization series became a turn-based games. Next, Sid Meier intend to allow players to experience ups and downs in the game. Once the players create a certain level of civilization, some terrible things will happen, with the result of the Kingdom of the leaders lose its power, players strive to achieve the great rejuvenation from scratch again. However, once the producers found that players encounter such a situation, they will repeatedly read the schedule to avoid the occurrence of a disaster, so the idea was shelved.

In summary, a real form, with random technology tree and the foundation will be destroyed in a strategy game to move forward one step when the reality of compromise, made this form of civilization.

5. DAOC Game Profile Character Classes Character Classes Players of Dark Age of Camelot are greeted with not only 15 races to choose from, but also 44 character classes providing players with numerous gameplay styles. Each realm has a set of classes available to it, which provide a certain strength to the realm as a whole. Classss of Albion Armsman The footsoldier of Albion, the Armsman is the main fighter of the Realm. He can use almost any weapon and armor, as well as the ability to wield crossbows and polearms. Cabalist Spellcasters who specialize in the study and manipulation of spirit magic, Cabalists gain the ability to summon a pet to do their bidding, as well as blind and disease their enemies. Cleric The primary healing class of the Realm, the Cleric can prepare their friends for battle as well as aid them during and after the conflict. More Animist Animists are a Hibernian primary spellcasting class that has an affinity with plants. They are able to animate plant life and other natural phenomena (phosphorescence, etc.) and use it to craft spells that damage their opponents. daoc plat, buy daoc plat. Article From: MMOXE cheap wow gold